To discuss using CBD to help manage autism, we’re going to look at a real family who took this route.

Rachel Anderson, the mother, was really struggling. Her son was diagnosed with epilepsy and autism by age six. She and his doctors tried him on nearly ten different medications, but none of them could control his seizures. A few controlled them well enough, but had horrible side effects that made it not worth taking it, such as intense fits of rage.

Rachel decided to try CBD after hearing about it being so beneficial. After much research, she decided to try the full spectrum CBD oil, which contains trace amounts of THC – this can be beneficial in treating a lot of things!

Luckily the CBD helped reduce his seizures! She also noticed a reduction in his autism symptoms, which was a bonus!¬†Rachel’s son gets pretty anxious and worked up, but within an hour of his CBD dose he is calm for several hours. Rachel wants to make it clear that she is not replacing her son’s medication with CBD, but instead using them to compliment each other, and actually the CBD has helped eliminate his afternoon dose of medication.

There are hundreds of other stories just like this one, but unfortunately, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not advocate for the use of CBD in children, but it does recognize the need for treating serious health conditions (such as epilepsy) with CBD oil.