If you’ve dealt with trouble sleeping or insomnia then you understand how awful sleep deprivation can be. It’s also bad for your health long-term, negatively impacting your brain, immune, and mental health.

There are a variety of treatment options available for helping with sleep, but a lot of them are not that great for you. Sleeping pills may help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep, but you’ll still feel their effects the next day.

A new treatment options exists: CBD.

You probably know about CBD and its many benefits, but did you know it helps with sleep?

But why does CBD help improve the quality of sleep? Well, think back to a time when you were having trouble sleeping. Was your mind racing? Were you having trouble relaxing? Did you have something extra stressful going on in your life? Most often, sleep problems are caused by stress and anxiety and CBD helps combat both.

What would you accomplish if you were getting great sleep every night?

We recommend trying a tincture about an hour before bedtime and you’re in luck because we sell two kinds – Doka and Joy Organics.