Tips for Using Your Full-Spectrum CBD Products 

Not feeling the effects of your full-spectrum CBD oil tincture, gummy, or supplement just yet? Don’t stress. We’ve got a couple of pro-tips for you.


Take another dose.

If you aren’t feeling the effects after taking your full-spectrum CBD oil (aka CBD oil tinctures) or other Perfect Wellness CBD product regularly, try adding more to your routine! The benefit of CBD oil is that it won’t hurt to take an additional dropper-full or supplement. Every body is different, so you might need an additional dose of full-spectrum CBD to get the full benefit.

See dosing chart for suggestions based on body weight:

Full-Spectrum CBD oil dosage


If you anticipate a stressful life event, prepare ahead of time by taking a double dose of your full-spectrum CBD oil tincture. This can help you combat stress before the anxiety-producing stimulus occurs.

Create a ritual.

Take your CBD oil tincture at the same time each day. Most of our customers like to bookend doses in the morning and evening for a calm start and end to the day.


Add a dropper-full of your CBD oil tincture right into your favorite smoothie or latte. Since many of us are quarantined at home right now, this is an easy way to enhance up your morning cup of joe.

Stick with it.

CBD requires commitment. At first, it’s not as fast-acting or as simple as taking an OTC painkiller for a headache. Start with a low dose of full-spectrum CBD and gradually increase your intake over time. CBD builds up in your body, so you’ll see the benefits after taking it regularly (we recommend daily, for at least 30 days). You should start to notice the calming and pain-relieving effects that CBD oil tinctures can have on your body, mind, and life!


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